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... for your motorcycle from the '80ths and '90ths.

Custom built bowdencables

What I often experienced: No original parts available any more, ordered a bowdencable anywhere on the web - didn't fit!
Or if you d'like to replace the original throttle control by a custom part and mount a custom clutch lever assembly.
Or if you d'like to mount a custom handlebar and the cables are too short or too long.
Or if you'r planning a long trip and you d'like to have a set of spare cables with you.
Kupplungszüge don't have to buy the pig in a poke, you can order bowdencables according to your own drawing here:

download: bowdencables.pdf


Fork Springs

If you'd like to adjust your fork to the weight of the driver, to a new rear shock or in order to change the wheel travel, I can help you with custom made fork springs.

Timing Sprocket Rotax 348 / 504 / 560 / 604ccm
for Aprilia / KTM / CCM / ATK / MZ / HD

Dependig on the year of manufacture there are engines with timing sprockets which don't fit to the usual, stronger automotive belt. The pitch of the sprocket seems to be lager than the pitch of the belt.
In this combination the timing belt has to be tightened far too much. This leads to extreme load for the belt and the bearings.
To solve this problem for an Aprilia Pegaso 600 I'ordered some sprockets which fit to the belt "Gates Powergrip 41086x3/4" 280 010".
Art.-Nr. 350, CHF 117.-

Airbox Snorkel / Intake Duct
Ducati 900 Carb Models

Replacement for the original Snorkel.
Offers more intake surface but isn't to noisy.
Works well with Dynojet Stage 2 (similar as without airbox lid).
Mounting diameter 60mm, material TPU (3d-print).
Art.-Nr. 493, CHF 120.- / pair

Air Suspension

For lack of reliable alternatives this air shock has been developed in 2016.
This shock consists of a minimum number of parts. Nevertheless it can be adjusted in damping, sag and spring rate.
But the main target was to develop a totally resistant and reliable suspension which fits into motorcycles with little space.
Result after testing and adjusting for three year:
It works properly and is absolutely resistant and reliable.
Weight: 1670g
Max. stroke: 228mm
Max. load: 205kg
Max. pressure: 15bar
air spring / oil damping
Cylinder diameter: 76mm
Rod diameter: 60mm
Length between fastenings:
365 / 303mm

(weight incl. driver an baggage, at typical ratio wheel to suspension of 3, expanded, length as on pictures / or without lower bracket)